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Paid-in Capital

The amount of committed capital a limited partner has actually transferred to a venture fund. Also known as the cumulative takedown amount.

Paid-In Capital (PICC)

The ratio of contributions to date measured against its committed capital.

Pari Passu

At an equal rate or pace, without preference.

Participating Preferred

A preferred stock in which the holder is entitled to the stated dividend, and also to additional dividends on a specified basis upon payment of dividends to the common stockholders. The preferred stock entitles the owner to receive a predetermined sum of cash (usually the original investment plus accrued dividends) if the company is sold [...]


Describes a right of a holder of Preferred Stock to enjoy both the rights associated with the Preferred Stock and also participate in any benefit available to Common Stock, without converting to Common Stock. This may occur with Liquidation Preferences, for example, a series of Preferred Stock may have the right to receive its Liquidation [...]


A nontaxable entity in which each partner shares in the profits, loses and liabilities of the partnership. Each partner is responsible for the taxes on its share of profits and loses.

Partnership Agreement

The contract that specifies the compensation and conditions governing the relationship between investors (LP’s) and the venture capitalists (GP’s) for the duration of a private equity fund’s life.

Partnership Expenses

Expenses borne by the partnership including costs associated with the organization of the partnership, the purchase, holding or sale of securities, and legal and auditing expenses.

Pay to Play

A “Pay to Play” provision is a requirement for an existing investor to participate in a subsequent investment round, especially a Down Round. Where Pay to Play provisions exist, an investor’s failure to purchase its pro-rata portion of a subsequent investment round will result in conversion of that investor’s Preferred Stock into Common Stock or [...]

Payback Period

The length of time which is takes to recover your initial capital on any investment, i.e., for the investment to return 1x.
Once widely used as a means of evaluating rival projects or investments for capital allocation purposes but now largely superseded by IRR.

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