ILPA Advocacy Strategy

ILPA’s Advocacy strategy is focused on three core objectives:

  1. Educating policymakers and regulators about the role of private equity in institutional investor portfolios and in the overall economy.
  2. Serving as an advocate for limited partners and the important role our members play as trusted financial stewards for millions of beneficiaries worldwide.
  3. Equipping ILPA members with intelligence regarding legislation and regulation, shifts in the political climate and policies and resulting risks and opportunities for their portfolios.

The specific goals tied to these objectives are to:

  • Ensure government officials consider ILPA as a resource on private equity and consult with ILPA and our members on changes in legislation and regulation that impact a diverse array of global limited partners and their institutions.
  • Elevate the perspective of Limited Partners in policies focusing on investor protections and private equity.

ILPA’s policy priorities are dynamic will be responsive to issues as they arise, but will be informed by a set of core values that seeks to balance investor and beneficiary protections with commercial realities:

  • Private equity is an important and essential component of institutional investors’ portfolio allocation and is a meaningful contributor to long-term economic growth and productivity.
  • Transparency between managers and investors around fees, expenses and other elements of financial reporting is paramount to the health of the asset class.
  • The continued availability of sound, efficient tax structures for investors is critical to encouraging cross-border flows of capital and long-term investment.
  • The industry benefits from ongoing disclosures around compliance issues both from managers and regulators.
For more information on ILPA's advocacy strategy and priorities, please contact Chris Hayes, ILPA Senior Policy Counsel at