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Paul Mace

Director of Investments
Tufts University Investment Office


Mr. Mace is a Director of Investments in the Tufts University Investment Office. He is focused primarily on private equity and real assets strategies globally. He is responsible for evaluating potential managers and their investment strategies for inclusion in the university's portfolio. Since joining Tufts in 2004, he has been actively involved in developing Tufts' alternatives strategy and the buildout of the portfolio. This has been involved in both shaping the direction and establishing the network of relationships necessary to develop a portfolio of high quality managers. To date, Tufts' strategy in both private equity and real estate has been global and opportunistic in nature and has included managers with established track records as well as first time funds. Before joining the investment office, Mr. Mace was an investment banker evaluating M&A and private equity transactions for a boutique advisory firm. He received his B.S. from Trinity University and an MBA from Babson College. He holds the CFA designation and is formerly a licensed CPA.

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99 High Street Suite 1700
Boston Massachusetts 02110
United States