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This class is designed for private equity professionals who are currently looking into integrating ESG into their program, maintaining a current ESG program and those who would benefit from an understanding of the importance of ESG.

Key Learning Objectives

ESG Fundamentals Course

  • Define ESG and understand its value in the investment process
  • Establish the current ESG landscape and drivers of ESG
  • Understand how to develop an ESG policy that is tailored to the limited partner’s program
  • Understand how to develop an ESG scorecard to measure a manager’s ESG integration within their investment processes
  • Discuss the different resourcing options for staffing and training for ESG
  • Identify the different options for communicating ESG approaches to your team and stakeholders

Integrating ESG Best Practice Course

  • Identify how to integrate ESG into the investment processes and explore strategy
  • Understand how to prepare for ESG due diligence
  • Understand the legal and regulatory considerations of ESG, specifically the differences between ESG provisions included in the LPA vs. a side letter
  • Identify the current ESG regulations and their impact on limited partners and general partners
  • Define the common ESG Key Performance Indicators, industry standards and resources
  • Identify the various ESG benchmarking options
  • Understand how ESG implementation will enhance exit opportunities

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