Implement Organizational Culture Surveys and Track Progress

Initiative Description

Develop and conduct employee surveys that assess attitudes and perspectives around organizational culture. Track results and progress over time, benchmarking against pre-established goals or engaging in industry certification programs.


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Resources for Consideration

  • AICPA D&I Sample Survey
    • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants shares sample Diversity and Inclusion questions for employee surveys.
  • Diversio
    • Diversio, whose mission is to help organizations worldwide become more inclusive, has developed a system to translate the employee experience into both certification and measurable actions.
  • Edge
    • The Edge Certification methodology provides global assessment and business certification for gender equality.
  • Lenox Park Diversity Impact Score
    • The Lenox Park Diversity Impact Score (LPI) is the Industry's first standardized, comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) assessment metric which all Asset Management participants can reference, and participate in. LPI allows Limited Partners to assess their General Partners with respect to DEI across categories beyond simple percentage Ownership, expanding the scope of criteria to include granular level data around Leadership / Management, and Total Staff demographics, as well as other novel factors such as Tenure and Transparency.