Educate Diverse Students About Careers in Private Equity

Initiative Description

Educate diverse students about careers in the PE industry through visits, programs and partnerships with academic institutions.


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Resources for Consideration

  • Blackstone
    • Blackstone leads a number of programs, which are described on the firm's Diversity webpage, that focus on educating Future Diverse Leaders and Future Women Leaders about careers in finance.
  • Girls Who Invest
    • Girls Who Invest offers two fully-subsidized foundational programs in investment/asset management: an on-campus Summer Intensive Program (SIP) and an Online Intensive Program (OIP). The curriculum is designed for sophomores from any major studying at four-year colleges in the U.S.
  • LSE SU Alternative Investments Conference
    • The LSE SU Alternative Investments Conference (AIC) is focused on educating students on the private equity industry. Students can participate in networking, workshops, and exclusive recruitment opportunities.
  • MLT Private Equity Programming
    • MLT is helping more talented and unquestionably qualified underrepresented minorities gain access to these high-trajectory careers. The new Private Equity Programming (PEP) provides participants with the coaching and connections needed to enter the investor track at the associate level.
  • SEO Alternative Investments Fellowship Program
    • The Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (AIFP) has become an industry-wide education program. Through the AIFP, high-achieving, pre-MBA, young professionals, from traditionally underrepresented populations (Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian women) gain the education, training, and mentoring necessary to succeed in the alternative investments industry.
  • Smart Woman Securities
    • Through educational seminars, mentoring initiatives and exposure to successful professionals and businesses, SWS provides the guidance and resources upon which undergraduate women can build greater knowledge of the financial industry.