Track D&I Progress at Partner Organizations

Initiative Description

Collect, track and report diversity metrics of funds, companies, boards and services providers with whom the organization does business.

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Resources for Consideration

  • ILPA Diversity Template for GP Funds
    • ILPA provides a template for LPs to track the gender and ethnic diversity of their GP teams by role in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. There is also a gender-only tracker for regions where ethnic demographic information can not be collected.
  • Equality Group Inclusive Index Report (2022)
    • Over the past two years, Equality Group has been measuring the progress of the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry's approach to Inclusivity. They have recently published their 2022 index which provides a year-on-year analysis of 282 PE and VC organisations, scoring their EDI performance on publicly available data. It is designed to challenge PE and VC firms to be more transparent and create tangible positive changes.
  • SEAF Gender Equality Scorecard
    • The SEAF Gender Equality Scorecard © (“GES ©”) is a tool SEAF uses to assess women’s economic empowerment and gender equality within individual investment opportunities and portfolio companies for SEAF funds. This rating system is structured around six gender equality vectors, including pay equity, workforce participation, leadership and governance, benefits and professional development, workplace environment, and women-powered value chains.
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