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ILPA Call for Nominations: 2016/17 Board of Directors

DATE: 05/27/2016

ILPA Board of Directors is seeking nominations for vacant Board positions for the upcoming election in November 2016! Each position has a term of 2 years, commencing November 3, 2016.

The Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors is seeking your nominations for these positions. All nominations must be received by 5pm (EDT) on Friday, July 1, 2016.

In order to be considered, you must:

  • At the time of nomination, be a member of the ILPA in good standing
  • Have experience with institutional limited partnership investing

As long as the above criteria are met, you may nominate yourself or someone else. All nominees who are not self-nominated will be contacted by a committee member, and must provide to the Nominating Committee written notice of their intent to accept or decline the nomination.

If you meet the qualifications, you will be interviewed by the Nominating Committee during the month of July. A final slate of candidates will be presented to the Board of Directors in September 2016 for review. The slate will also be posted to in October 2016, for membership review. All ILPA members in attendance will vote on the slate of candidates at the upcoming ILPA Annual Meeting, to take place during the ILPA GP Summit in New York on November 3 to 4, 2016.

The nominating committee is charged with assessing the skills of the nominees and recommending candidates to the Board that meet the needs of the organization.

Selection Criteria:

  • Geographical coverage/type of LP organization/size of organization
  • Technical skills of individual
  • Knowledge about ILPA priorities
  • Experience with ILPA committee(s)

Thank you very much for your attention. Please fill out the nomination HERE.

A member of the ILPA staff will be in contact to set up an interview with you and the ILPA’s Nominating Committee.

Sincerest regards,

Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors of the ILPA

Tim Recker, Managing Director, University of California Regents

Jackie Hoffman, Vice President/Investment Partner, Siemens Venture Capital

Tom McGrath, Senior Investment Officer, New York State Common Retirement Fund

Nicolas Drapeau, Vice President, Private Markets, Bimcor Inc.

Michael Mazzola, Managing Director, Head of Alternative Investments, MetLife



If you have any questions/issues accessing the link, please contact: Laureen Madani at [email protected] or 647-494-9041.