Stewardship at ILPA

ILPA members believe that good stewardship—creating lasting value by building businesses that perform more productively by virtue of their investment—is critical to the success of their investments.  For a growing number of LPs, stewardship includes consideration of environmental, social and governance issues as well as diversity, equity and inclusion.  To that end, ILPA continuously works with limited partners, general partners and other industry stakeholders to identify and aggregate best practices that can advance these goals.

Our ESG and D&I roadmaps are public resources that serve as a clearinghouse for industry participants seeking to take specific actions that address these issues respectively. The goal of both roadmaps is to elevate awareness of specific steps that both GP and LP organizations can take, and the models, resources and practices that can facilitate the integration of ESG into investment decisions and processes, and advance D&I within their own organizations.

ILPA's Diversity in Action Initiative provides industry leaders, from both GP and LP organizations, the opportunity to publicly acknowledge their own organization’s commitment to improve diversity, equity and inclusion through a range of specific actions. By aggregating practices in place across the industry, the Initiative allows for a clear picture of our collective progress over time as well as a means to showcase best practices.

Feedback and questions on our D&I roadmap and Diversity in Action program should be directed to [email protected]. Questions and feedback on our ESG roadmap should be directed to Matt Schey at [email protected].