b'ILPA EXECUTIVE EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT8The ILPA Institute offers a wide variety of course types and delivery formats to suit the needs and preferences of our participants. Courses are designed to provide both broad and general exposure to a topic as well as the opportunity for a deep and intense focus on more technical subjects. INTRODUCTORY COMPREHENSIVECoursesthatestablish,refreshorreinforcekeytermsCoursesthatprovideathoroughexaminationofthe and concepts foundational to private markets investing.context, issues and challenges most essential to the class Especially helpful to those participants who may be newtopic. Participants benefit from the format of materials to (or in the process of deepening their understanding)and structure of exercises, ensuring time is exclusively ofatopic. Participantsleaveclasswiththefluencyfocused on critical skills and conversations. Participants theyneedtoworkmoreeffectivelywithintheirLPleave with a complete understanding of the course organizations. subjectandtheabilitytoimmediatelyapplytheir knowledge and skills to their respective roles. INTENSIVE APPLIED PRACTICECoursesthatofferadeepdiveintoaparticulartopicCoursesthatcombineprivatemarketsinvestment oraspectofprivatemarketsinvesting.Narrowerinchallenges with more general and executive skills such scope,intensivecoursescovertopicsinsignificantas communication, negotiation, staff management, etc. detail, allowing for mastery of the subject. ParticipantsCoursesarecenteredarounddifficultsituationsthat leavewithbothnewsubjectmatterspecificskillsLPsencouterwhichrequiremorethansubjectmatter and the ability to incorporate those skills into theirexpertisetoresolve. Participantswillleavehaving organization to improve outcomes.practicedskillsagainstchallengingscenariosthey will face in their daily work.'