b'ILPA EXECUTIVE EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT FOR LPs, BY LPs6 7ILPA Institute courses are designed for actionable learning and built forILPAs Institute faculty is comprised of veteran LP practitioners and the professional learner. Incorporating best practices in adult learning andsubject-matter experts who possess real-world expertise and a deep development, classes leave participants with a deeper understanding ofunderstanding of their subject, all of which they bring to every classroom.their role and the skills needed to optimize their behavior, operations and systems to best serve their LP organization.Beyond simply offering the benefit of their individual expertise, ILPA Institute faculty cultivate an experience where participants are encouraged to contribute their own successes and challenges, creating an environment Actionable where the full classroom contributes and benefits.LearningThe end result is a unique classroom conversation from which participants emerge with best-in-class skills as well as an understanding of the context and circumstances in which to deploy those skills to maximum effect. PracticalConcepts Interactive in nature, actionable learning can be immediately applied to the real-world to improve Knowledge behaviors and outcomesILPA METHOD TRADITIONAL METHODAcquisitionImproving upon simple knowledge transfer, Increasing Returnlearners are taught practical conceptsLearners are given theoretical information without practical contextShared Experience Instructors ExperiencePeer-to-Peer One-to-Many'