ILPA has a long legacy of connecting limited partners with not only one another but with other important players in the private equity industry as well. Whether it is at a large event comprised of hundreds of professionals or smaller gatherings in person or online, we focus on the unique benefits of sharing perspectives, approaches and strategies. Major Events The year began with our second annual European Forum in London, UK where we gathered the largest ever group of our European members for interactive workshops, roundtables, keynote presentations and networking. Our Members’ Conference in Chicago followed in June with record attendance and featuring deep-dive sessions on curated subjects, network gatherings and meet-and- greet opportunities. Chicago was also the venue for our second CIO Symposium, which successfully hosted Chief Investment Officers from across our membership in a day of thought leadership and conversation. The year culminated with our 14th Annual ILPA Summit in New York, which connected 600 LPs, GPs and service providers in more than 1400 meetings over the course of two days. Global Events and Networks Our Global Event Series gathers more intimate groups of limited partners in person to discuss important issues in the private equity industry. In 2018, we held 44 events across the world, covering topics such as GP Stake Sales, Portfolio Construction Strategies, and Manager Selection, and connecting with more than 1000 members. This past year, we also formed a number of networks within our membership based on LP type and role. Our Family Office and Insurance Networks met several times during the year alongside major events; our Legal Network established quarterly virtual town halls and began planning for an annual gathering in the spring of 2019. ILPA Connect As a global organization, ILPA is committed to bridging physical distances through the smart use of technology. In 2018, we launched ILPA Connect, a virtual online community where members can query their peers on issues of common interest, share experiences and grow their network of like-minded practitioners. More than 1400 members logged on to ILPA Connect in 2018 and we expect this platform to continue to grow in the coming year. Fostering Meaningful Connections THE WHAT 10 ILPA ANNUAL REPORT 2018