For the third consecutive year, ILPA’s membership enjoyed double digit growth in terms of new organizations joining our Association. Attrition also remained low at 3%, resulting in total member organizations at year-end 2018 of 490, up 10% year-on-year. Our membership now comprises more than 4600 active professionals in 48 countries for whom our “for LPs by LPs” value proposition resonates strongly. Our membership is also more diverse than ever before; by LP-type, geographic location, and in terms of individual roles. Areas of notable expansion include our family offices where there is a strong demand for sharing experiences among peers. Our European members continued to grow at a steady rate as we increased our presence outside of North America during 2018. And while front-office investment roles remain the strongest among our individual profession- als, the past year has seen a sizable increase in back- and middle-office positions in the areas of finance, legal, compliance and operations taking advantage of ILPA resources. We expect these growth trends to continue in the coming year as we seek to expand even further into areas of strategic importance to the Association. Looking forward to 2019, we intend to connect with and gather feedback from our members in new and meaningful ways. Through our Salesforce platform, ILPA now has the means to measure the engagement of our membership, and seek ways to improve individual and institutional involvement across our entire base. Late in 2018, we launched our LP Insights Program, a weekly calling program that allows us to identify and analyze the most important issues facing our members. This initiative will allow us to connect with hundreds of LP profes- sionals in the coming year. In 2019, ILPA will also embark upon a Membership Experience Survey where we will seek actionable input from the limited partners we serve. As a membership organization, we are focused squarely on anticipating the needs of our LPs and then exceeding expectations in meeting those needs We are privileged to have the opportunity to serve such a committed set of professionals over the past year and look forward to raising the bar each year in terms of member impact, satisfaction and value. THE WHAT Growing Our Membership THE WHAT ILPA ANNUAL REPORT 2018 08