39 ILPA Principles 3.0 Other Policy Disclosures and Notifications Any policy or event with a significant effect on the fund or its investors should be proactively and explic- itly disclosed to all LPs upon their issuance, modifica- tion or occurrence, including policies governing: • Allocation of co-investments, and the fees assessed to co-investors including broken or dead deal expense; • Separate accounts or commercial relationships that impact the economics of the fund; • Secondary sales and any secondary transactions as they occur; • Approval and/or required notification to LPs of transfers of minority ownership interest in the GP; • Risk management policies including ESG, currency, and reputational risk; • Compliance policies on conflicts of interest gener- ally, including policies relating to parallel vehicles that invest alongside the fund, as well as the use of third parties and consultants; • Organizational code of conduct governing policies and protocols as relates to harassment, discrimination and workplace violence. Notifications The following is an indicative list of notifications that should be provided to LPs on occurrence, or disclosed upon request: Amendments or Breaches to LPA • The event of a modification of the LPA even in cases where the modification is expressly beneficial to investors; • Any breach of a provision of the LPA or other fund documents. Regulatory Examinations and Disclosures • On occurrence, the event of any legal or regula- tory inquiry or examination into the fund, including the type of examination that occurred and a summary of the resulting findings or actions; • Upon request, full access to the results of any regulatory investigation or examination; • Changes to a manager’s obligatory disclosures under regulation. Co-Investments • Co-investments as they occur, preferably in the context of regular capital call notices. Changes in Economic Ownership or Control • Changes in the actual or beneficial economic ownership, voting control of the GP, or changes or transfers to legal entities who are a party to any related document of the fund. Economic and Risk Management Notifications • Disclosures in the event that a hurdle rate is exceeded; • The collection of revenues from portfolio comp- anies’ use of group purchasing organizations; • Any material contingency or liability arising during the fund’s life. Incidents Presenting Potential Breach of ESG Policy or Code of Conduct • Disclosures of any incident that presents a potential violation of the GP’s stated ESG policy; • Disclosures of any incident representing a potential breach of a GP’s organizational code of conduct. Acknowledgement of the receipt of any of the above- mentioned disclosures should not be interpreted to imply acceptance of the substance of the disclosures by an LP unless otherwise indicated. NOTIFICATIONS AND POLICY DISCLOSURES