40 LP Disclosures To exercise their obligations as fiduciaries, and in particular the governance rights accorded to them in the partnership agreement, LPs require sufficient understanding as to the nature and identity of the other LPs in the fund. For critical governance matters, the confidentiality provisions of the LPA should allow investors within the same fund to discuss these issues. GPs should provide, subsequent to the closing of the fund, a list of other LPs in the fund including a list of LPAC members as well as contact information. At regular intervals over the life of the fund,the GP should provide updated lists of LPs in the fund to reflect any subsequent transfers of LP interest or changes to LP contact information. LPs acknowledge the important responsibility they bear with higher transparency in the form of confiden- tiality. All proprietary information provided by the GP to the LP, as covered within any confidentiality provi- sions agreed within fund documentation, should be protected from public disclosure. LP DISCLOSURES