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ILPA11 ILPA As I look to 2016 my focus will be on ensuring that the ILPA continues to grow its membership globally while adding ever more value to existing members through new and enhanced service offerings and increased member engagement. Specifically a few priorities will be front and center To leverage the strong momentum behind the Fee Transparency Initiative to drive towards GP-LP adoption of the ILPA Reporting Template. We have proposed an industry standardnow we must ensure it is adopted. To use the ILPAs growing stature to bring industry leaders together for a comprehensive review and update of the ILPA Private Equity Principles first launched in 2009 and last updated in 2011. To extend our education mandate beyond those working in PE day-to-day to those for whom PE is a meaningful portion of their work namely CIOs and Trustees. To establish the ILPA as a leading voice in actionable and insightful research and benchmarking on behalf of the LP community. To accomplish this I will focus on institution building at the ILPA continuing to promote a culture that embraces risk and innovation and adding new skills and expertise where needed. Let me close by thanking those to whom our successes this past year are most attributable The ILPA professional staff. I am fortunate to have a team utterly dedicated to advancing the interests of our members and am genuinely humbled by the affection they have for their colleagues and our members. The hard-working and devoted members of our Committees Industry Affairs Research Benchmarking Standards GP Summit Education and Membership. But for their dedicated effort the ILPA would not be the industry-leading organization it is today. The ILPAs Board of Directors who have been unstinting in their support and encouragement since I joined the ILPA last June. I could not ask for a more supportive and enthusiastic group to work with as together we set our sights ever higher. And finallymost personallythe two ILPA Chairs who have provided invaluable personal guidance and encouragement this past year Mike Mazzola who stepped down in November and Tanya Carmichael who assumed the mantle of leadership. I cannot begin to thank them for all they have done for me the ILPA and our members. We had a strong year in 2015 but this coming year looks like it will be stronger still.