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18 THE POWER OF THE NETWORK Education remains central to the mission of the ILPA. We have made significant progress in 2015 particularly in the continued growth and influence of the ILPA Institute which is increasingly recognized and trusted by the global LP community. Under the stewardship of my predecessor Tanya Carmichael who has now taken the helm as the ILPA Board Chair the ILPA and its Education Committee have built and cultivated an educational platform that continues to innovate. In 2015 more than 700 private equity practitioners nearly 75 of the ILPAs membership representing 20 countries participated in the ILPAs educational offerings which include the ILPA Institute professional development seminars instructional webcasts and practical workshops. Additional 2015 highlights include Expanding the social media platform footprint by allowing graduates of the ILPA Institute to add certificates to their LinkedIn profiles to visually demonstrate their accomplishment. Implementing major enhancements to the Level II Module 4 GP Workouts and Module 5 GP Value Creation courses resulting in an even higher level of overall satisfaction demonstrating the premium quality of the programs. Looking to the year ahead the Committee plans to develop several new courses as a direct result of member feedback. Both a CIO course and a Trustee course are being investigated with additional plans to build out a secondary modelingco-investment component adjacent to the Module 3 LP Diligence course. Along with these topics courses and webcasts will continue to address complex issues faced by investors today such as fund restructurings ESG and SEC oversight of PE. Education Report SCOTTJACOBSEN EDUCATION CHAIR THE ILPA WILL CONTINUE TO HONOR THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION TO ITS MISSION BY PURSUING NEW AND RELEVANT WORLD- CLASS EXECUTIVE EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES THAT MEET THE PROFESSIONAL NEEDS OF THE ILPAS GROWING GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP THROUGH 2016 AND BEYOND.