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16 THE POWER OF THE NETWORK AS THE ILPAS FLAGSHIP EVENT AND ONE OF PRIVATE EQUITYS MUST-ATTEND CONFERENCES I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ATTHE 12TH ANNUAL GP SUMMIT NOVEMBER 3-4 2016 IN NEW YORK CITY. With more than one-third of the ILPAs LP members participating in the 11th Annual GP Summit the Committee is proud to have set a record in both attendee numbers as well as successful outcomes. As a direct result of its ever-improving pairing algorithm many respondents in a recent ILPA survey of GP participants can attribute relationships built at the GP Summit to an average of 3-4 commitments and 3-4 re-ups. The proprietary algorithm is continuously improved to more accurately match GPs and LPs. The GP Summit Committees goal is to continue providing a must-attend event that is invaluable to our members and remains a key industry gathering that facilitates the building of long-term relationships. With this in mind the GP Summit Committee is thrilled to announce the November 2016 GP Summit theme and new features. The upcoming GP Summit will highlight the role of Environmental Social and Governance ESG in PE investing a focus incorporated throughout the event in both programming efforts and via featured GPs with particular experience in incorporating ESG factors into their investments. Additionally the LP-Only Day will now feature the Emerging Managers Showcase. As a direct result of LP attendee feedback the Showcase will include approximately a dozen GPs handpicked by a GP Summit sub-committee made up of LPs with expertise and interest in emerging managers ensuring the GP Summit has a broad representation of high quality managers taking part in this new session. GP Summit Report NICOLAS DRAPEAU GP SUMMIT COMMITTEE CHAIR