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9 2015 AUDITAND FINANCE COMMITTEE Responsible for overseeing the Associations financial reporting accounting systems and internal controls. The Committee reports to the Chair and the Board of Directors on major discussions held and decisions made by the Committee. EDUCATION COMMITTEE Responsible for overseeing the educational programs that the ILPA offers to its members including the development of new programs. Content for educational programs is vetted by the Committee for quality and relevance to the ILPA s members. GOVERNANCE AND COMPENSATION COMMITTEE Responsible for assisting the Board through its oversight responsibilities for corporate governance executive compensation association long-term financing and as a resource to the Chief Executive Officer. GP SUMMIT COMMITTEE Responsible for ensuring the high quality of the ILPAs flagship event including enlisting panel participants guest speakers GPs and facilitating networking events. THE ILPA HAS SEVERAL COMMITTEES GOVERNING ITS NUMEROUS INITIATIVES. COMMITTEES ARE CHAIRED BY A MEMBER OF THE ILPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND INCLUDE ILPA STAFF AND A DIVERSE GROUP OF ILPA MEMBERS FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE. INDUSTRYAFFAIRS COMMITTEE Responsible for advising the Board and assisting the ILPA professional staff on ways to strategically promote the ILPAs reputation as the voice for limited partner investors in private equity globally. The Committee also seeks to maximize the ILPAs outreach and communications activities as an extension of the education research and membership platforms. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Responsible for strategic initiatives relating to membership recruitment retention and engagement for the ILPA. The Committee also oversees the admission engagement retention suspension or termination of membership. NOMINATING COMMITTEE Responsible for all aspects of the nomination of new members to the Board of Directors of the ILPA including process planning solicitation of members and recommendations of membership to the Board. RESEARCH BENCHMARKING AND STANDARDS COMMITTEE Responsible for overseeing the research benchmarking and standards platforms of the ILPA by collecting and analyzing private equity data sponsoring and accessing research and developing performance measurements and tools to assist ILPA members in their day-to-day activities.