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22 THE POWER OF THE NETWORK Industry Affairs Report I took the reins of the Industry Affairs IA Committee from my friend and colleague Steve Whatmore last year who continues his ILPA service as member-at-large of the IA Committee while assuming new duties as the Boards Vice-Chair. Im thankful for all Steve has done to help to establish this Committee and for the privilege of leading such a committed and engaged group of our members. Over the last year the ILPA has made some impressive strides in how it engages with the wider private equity industry. In particular the ILPA has leveraged the incredible resource of its membership to engage with stakeholders around the world in advancing members interests. These interactions are yielding results in broad-based support for the ILPAs work to standardize fee and expense reporting in more nuanced dialogue with regulators and with the GP community and in more informed and increasingly positive media coverage of our industry. Much of this work has been accom- plished through the hard work of the ILPA staff in particular its Manag- ing Director of Industry Affairs Jen Choi. The effort to produce the ILPA Reporting Template and related guid- ance involved more than 30 member organizations including constituen- cies that historically have been less engaged with the ILPA. Reporting accounting and legal personnel have been particularly energized by the Fee Transparency Initiative and we will continue to seek ways to include them in our advocacy and best prac- tices efforts. Following the launch of the high profile Fee Transparency Initiative KIMBERLYWOODS INDUSTYAFFAIRS CHAIR