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7 ILPA ILPA and to its Board. During his four years as Chair and his many years of service before that Mike has been both an inspiration as to what the ILPA might accomplish and a steady hand ensuring that those same accomplishments are fully in line with the mission of the ILPA. While we are sorry to lose Mike from the Board his presence will continue to be felt in a very material way as he joins the ILPAs Nominating Committee. I am pleased to say that goals for 2016 are suitably ambitious as befits a new CEO and Chair at the helm all-time records for membership growth both in North America and internationally a Global Event Series growing to 20 events new and enhanced Institute offerings and exciting innovative formats for both our Members-Only Conference in Chicago and our GP Summit in New York City. The latter two events aim to set all-time records for attendance. We also will be publishing first- time ever research forays into best practices within our industry. This will be a very exciting year for the ILPA as we strive to increase the impact of the ILPA and its value to its members. As Chair my focus and that of the Board and its Committees will be on organizational governance and in conjunction with our new CEO strategy-setting while Peter and his team will be tasked with delivering that strategy through day-to-day operations. Even as I write this letter the ILPA is adding new professional staff and expertise to do this. I also look forward to continuing the industry collaborations that are a priority for the ILPA and for me personally. The inclusion of key stakeholders from across the industry is an important ingredient in continuing the ILPAs momentum in strengthening the asset class through continuous improvements in alignment transparency and governance. Speaking on behalf of my Board colleagues we look forward to working with all of you and the ILPAs professional staff in ensuring that the ILPA continues to provide value to our members and makes a materially positive impact on the industry as a whole. REFLECTING ON MY 10 YEARS AS A PART OF THE ILPA COMMUNITY AND AS I BEGIN MY FIRST YEAR AS CHAIR I CANT HELP BUT MARVEL AT THE GROWTH OF THIS ORGANIZATION AND THE SUCCESSES THAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED TOGETHER BOTH OVER THE LAST YEAR AND IN THE NEARLYTWO DECADES SINCE OUR FOUNDING. No other private equity organization today commands the profile and attention of the ILPA. Our stature is the product of the tremendous contributions of our highly engaged Board and the tireless efforts of the ILPAs professional staff.