b'11In addition to our larger experiences, ILPA also brought together close knit groups of members during 2019 with more than 25 intimate gatherings around the world. At these Global Events, we discussed important topics of the day including Actionable ESG Strategies, GP-Led Secondary TransactionsandILPAPrinciples3.0.In2020,weintendtoleveragetheseforumstooffer opportunities to share even more insights with one another around topics that are impacting our member teams.Our Webcast Series offered 13 unique topics over the course of 2019, with more than 2,700 ILPA members registering to listen in. Subject matters ranged from bear markets to block chain tobenchmarking,andincludedtheadditionofaquarterlyonlineTownHallhostedbyourLegal Advisory Council and available to all members interested in the topics at hand. As we look to 2020, we intend to explore and launch more online forums for our members to gather and learn from industry experts and one another.'