b'ILPA ANNUAL REPORT 201912DELIVERING WORLD-CLASS The past year was a transformative one for the ILPA Institute as we EXECUTIVEadvanced our strategy to educate more limited partners in more EDUCATION &places while expanding our course offerings and broadening our topical reach in a significant manner. Our numbers tell much of DEVELOPMENT our story for 2019:During the year, ILPA more than doubled the numberoforganizationsandprofessionalsattendingInstitute courses from 2018. Through more than 40 individual deliveries, weimpacted1100+individualsrepresenting275+institutions from 30+ countries. Our Local Edition model, where we bring our courses to the global 2019 ILPA INSTITUTE regions where our members live and work, drove much of our BY THE NUMBERS expansionasweheldclassesinAustralia,Europe,Northand South America, the Middle East, and Asia. We also delivered a substantial number of onsite classes where we configure courses 40 CLASSESfor organizations who wish to educate their teams together at DELIVERED a central location. And our traditional Level I/II Institute courses in Chicago, San Francisco and London continued to experience 1,100+ PROFESSIONALSstrongdemand.AsthevolumeofILPAdeliveriesincreased, IMPACTED the quality of our offerings did as wellsurpassing the already outstanding marks received in previous years.275+ INSTITUTIONS In addition to launching our Private Credit Course in partnership ENGAGED with Aksia, we also added an Operational Due Diligence (ODD) coursetoourrosterwiththeintenttodevelopanumberof 30+ COUNTRIES additional courses in 2020. ILPA also continued expanding our REPRESENTED faculty ranks, bringing more experienced practitioners into the Instituteclassroomduringtheyear.'