b'ILPA ANNUAL REPORT 201916SETTING THE BAR ON INDUSTRY STANDARDS AND BEST PRACTICES ILPA remains committed to impacting the private equity industry by creating standards and best practices that advance the limited partner perspective. In 2019, we issued a steady stream of guidance developed in close collaboration with our LP members and the industry at large to advance these ideals.Portfolio Company Template - In March, ILPA released our final Portfolio Company Metrics Template for the private equity industry. The PortCo Template was a culmination of the work of 30 LPs, GPs, advisors and data service providers who collaborated to develop this resource to improve efficiencies in reporting this important informationGP-Led Secondaries Guidance -With GP-led secondary transactions and fund restructurings becoming more commonplace in the market, limited partners are increasingly faced with more complex decisions regarding such transactions as they seek to maintain alignment of interests in their partnerships. In response to this growing trend, ILPA developed GP-led Secondary Fund Restructurings: Considerations for General and Limited Partners to ensure the process surrounding such transactions is efficient, transparent and fair to all stakeholders. The guidance, which was developed in consultation with both limited and general partners, was issued in the month of April, and was included in the ILPA Principles 3.0.ILPAPrinciples3.0-InJune,ILPApublishedILPAPrinciples3.0:FosteringTransparency, Governance and Alignment of Interests for General and Limited Partners. Last published in 2011, this document serves as a best practices guide for a vibrant, healthy and equitable private equity ecosystem. Principles 3.0 included new guidance on emerging areas such as subscription lines of credit, GP-led secondary transactions and expanded perspectives on previously addressed issues such as LPACs, Fund Economics and Financial and Other Disclosures. During the second half of 2019, ILPA met with members and other industry stakeholders to discuss how best to bring the Principles to lifeand will continue to do so in 2020 and beyond.'