b'ILPA ANNUAL REPORT 20198Inadditiontoservingtheneedsofinvestmentteams,we expanded our programs for mid and back office professionals in 2019, with educational courses and events geared towards these critical roles. We grew our networks of Family Offices, Insurance CompaniesandLegalProfessionals,creatingspecificcontent andengagementopportunitiesthroughouttheyearforthese REACHING ANinvestors.EVER-EXPANDINGOur LP Insights Program, a new model of structured, diagnostic GLOBALengagementthatallowsustoidentifyandanalyzethemost importantissuesfacingourmembers,expandedaswespoke MEMBERSHIP directlytoapproximately70individualmembersabouttheir programs and ways in which we can collectively help one another during the year. We intend to more than double that numberin 2020.In an ongoing to effort to close the physical proximities between members, our ILPA Connect virtual members platform brought togethernearly1600uniquelimitedpartnerswhologgedon Forthefourthconsecutiveyear,ILPAsand shared insights with one another during the year. Areas of membershipenjoyeddouble-digitgrowthinquiry included references on data service providers and legal with 68 new institutions joining our Asso- counsel,performancebenchmarkingmodels,andoperational ciation while attrition remained low at 3%.due diligence strategies. ILPA plans to expand opportunities for Totalmemberorganizationsatyear-endengagement within this virtual community in the coming year. 2019was536,up10%year-on-year.WeOne of our flagship efforts during 2019 was our Membership stand committed to impacting a diverse setExperience Survey which sought to understand how ILPA was of LP professionals, and in 2019 we expand- meeting the needs of members and opportunities to best impact ed our membership in terms of geography,limited partners in the years to come. The survey was extremely LP type and individual roles. Our member- insightful with our response rate at 650+ individuals representing ship now comprises more than 5,500 activemore than triple the industry average. The survey revealed a high professionals in 53 countries.level of membership satisfaction, and areas of potential growth for ILPA across geographies, segments and roles. We have already begun embarking upon a number of new initiatives in response to the feedback and will move positively forward in a number of exciting directions in 2020.'