b'17ILPA Model LPA - In October, ILPA published our Model Limited Partnership Agreement, marking thefirstpubliclyavailabletemplateforindustry-wideuse.Thisstandardizeddocumentwas developed by 20 attorneys representing both GPs and LPS and responded to a persistent need in the private equity asset class given the cost, time and complexity of negotiating the terms of investment. ILPAs Model LPA is a comprehensive, Delaware-law based whole of fund waterfall limitedpartnershipagreementforatraditionalprivateequitybuyoutfund.Thetemplate wasextremelywellreceivedandadditionalmodelsarenowbeingcontemplatedforfuture industryuse. Best Practices for GPs Working with Insurance Company LPs - In December, ILPA published BestPracticesforRelationshipswithInsuranceCompanyLimitedPartners:Guidanceand ConsiderationsforGeneralPartners.CreatedbytheILPAInsuranceNetworkthedocument provides guidance for general partners who wish to improve their engagement with US-based insurance limited partners. It focuses on disclosures and reporting requirements, ownership and controlprovisions,partnershipstructures,andtaxissues.HAVE YOU HAD THE TALK?5 Critical ConversationsAround ILPA Principles 3.0'