Greg Durst

Greg Durst is ILPA’s Senior Managing Director of Global Growth and has been tapped to serve as the Interim Head of ILPA Europe. He has broad experience in private equity as a GP and as a service provider and financier to leading players in the industry across the globe. Durst previously served as ILPA’s Managing Director of Corporate Development, bringing ILPA’s communities together, leading best-in-class events and thought leadership.

Today, Durst represents ILPA in a wide variety of industry conversations and engagements in many geographies. He continues to connect ILPA’s more than 600 institutional limited partner members with high performing general partners, top notch service providers and effective industry bodies to enhance alignment, transparency and good governance in the private markets on behalf of LPs. Prior to joining ILPA, Durst was the founding COO and Head of Business Development for a hedge fund manager in New York. In addition to his work in private equity and at other top tier professional services firms, Durst has lived and worked in North America, Europe and Southern Africa and has extensive experience working in South Asia.

Durst has an undergraduate degree in Finance from Georgetown University and a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

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