Website Troubleshooting

I’ve lost my password – how do I log in?

Click the Forgot Password? link at the top right-hand side of the site. Enter your email address, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

The forgot password link didn’t work for me.

Visit the “Information Request” page and fill out the form with your contact information. Make sure to mark the checkbox “Login Issues” and indicate in the Comments box which email that you were trying to use. It may be different from the one we have on record, and we will need to manually reset your password.

I was logged into the site and when I came back later in the day, I was logged out again.

For security purposes, your login will remain active on the site for two hours. You will be prompted to login again after two hours have passed from your initial login.

Can the site remember who I am so I don’t need to login every time I visit?

For security purposes, we have not added this option to the website. However, many web browsers have the ability to save usernames and passwords for future use. You may be prompted to save your login information – if you are not, it’s possible that this function has been disabled by your company’s IT department for security purposes. Check with your company’s IT department for more information.

When I log in, nothing happens – I still see the login prompt at the top of the screen.

Make sure that your computer is set to accept “cookies”. Cookies are small pieces of information that the site places on your computer once you are successfully logged in. If your web browser doesn’t accept cookies, we can’t verify that you did actually log in. If you’re not sure, check with your company’s IT department – they may have disabled cookies for security purposes and can provide you with more information.

The company I work for is a member but I cannot access the website. How can I view the members only area?

To request access to the members-only area, please contact Nicky Cavanagh at [email protected]. Permission from your organization’s primary contact will be required prior to access being granted and we will contact you with your login credentials upon approval.