Resources & Tools

Enhance your private equity knowledge and stay informed with ILPA’s cutting-edge thought leadership. Explore a wealth of resources in the ILPA Resource Library, delve into comprehensive Toolkits & Collections, and, if you’re new to the world of Private Equity, immerse yourself in our curated Private Equity 101 guide and glossary of essential industry terms.

Resource Library

Leverage the ILPA Resource Library for publications and workshop materials on a range of topics unique to the private equity industry and the limited partner community. Developed by or in partnership with ILPA, our resource library includes reports, research, commentary, surveys, past workshop materials and more, developed by or in partnership with ILPA.

Toolkits & Collections

Explore beyond ILPA's extensive best practices and guidance with additional toolkits and collections tailored for LPs. Access the ILPA Technology Vendor Resource Center—a dynamic, searchable database featuring recognized LP technology vendors offering digital solutions for Portfolio Management, Market Data/Benchmarking, Due Diligence, and more. Access helpful LP Guidance Checklists for crucial stages like End of Fund Life, Fund Closing, and Headline Risk Communications. And for Emerging Managers, the ILPA Emerging Manager Toolkit is designed for private equity managers that want to start fundraising quickly and attract qualified limited partners.

Private Equity 101

New to Private Equity? ILPA’s Private Equity 101 guide is your starting point to gain a high-level understanding of the what, why, and who of Private Equity as well as our Private Equity Glossary of key industry terms.