It’s an Exciting Time to Become a Member

ILPA is the only global organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the interests of LPs and their beneficiaries through best-in-class education, research, advocacy and networking.

Our diverse membership includes:

  • Public Pensions
  • Corporate Pensions
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Family Offices
  • Insurance Companies
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Other Institutional Investors

Member Eligibility

We are excited about your interest in becoming an ILPA member. Prior to applying, review the membership fee structure and consider this criteria.

As defined by the bylaws of the ILPA Board of Directors, ILPA membership is limited to institutions (and individuals within those institutions) who invest or intend to invest in a portfolio of private equity funds or direct investments primarily for their own account. To be eligible for ILPA membership, an applying organization must meet the following criteria:

  • My organization is actively investing in private markets as an institutional investor through any limited partner (LP) vehicle including funds, fund of funds and co-investments.
  • My organization primarily invests captive capital (e.g., invests less than 50 percent on behalf of clients or from sources other than our own or affiliate’s balance sheet)
  • My organization is not a service provider or consultant.

Amazing Member Benefits

Here is a short list of reasons why it’s great to be an ILPA member:

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Membership Fees

ILPA membership is effective annually for a 12-month term. Click below to learn more about our current fee structure.

Member Code of Conduct and Guidelines

ILPA provides clear conditions for ongoing membership and eligibility. Click below to read up on ILPA’s Member Code of Conduct and Membership Guidelines.

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