Industry GuidancePrinciples & Best Practices

ILPA Private Equity Principles & Best Practices

Fostering the proper alignment of interests between Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GPs) is a top priority for ILPA. Developed through collaboration with LPs, GPs and industry experts, the ILPA Private Equity Principles and series of Best Practice Guidance, promote such alignment with an emphasis on transparency and governance. As issues emerge within the private equity industry, ILPA is committed to responding to requests for guidance to ensure that best practices are encouraged, adopted, and evolve in line with the best interests of all industry participants and their beneficiaries.

Best Practices for the Private Equity Industry

In support of empowering LPs and the broader Private Equity industry to adopt effective best practices, ILPA’s suite of guidance includes the ILPA Private Equity Principles, Subscription Lines of Credit, Continuation Funds, GP-Led Secondaries, Industry Code of Conduct Guidelines, and Best Practices for Relationships with Insurance Company Limited Partners.