Linards Strauss

Linards is an Audit Managing Director with fifteen years of experience serving the investment management industry. He has served leading investment management firms in the private and public fund space, including private equity funds, hedge funds, and mutual funds. Linards has deep expertise in audits of bespoke investment vehicles, investment fair valuation and the related oversight processes, unique investment and capital structures, and reporting and regulatory requirements for fund products. He has also provided guidance on new fund product launches to well-established and emerging investment managers. In addition to client service, Linards serves as the leader for the investment management industry in National Office, Audit & Assurance Services, where he is the subject matter expert for the industry, provides consultations on matters such as investment valuation, and represents Deloitte at various industry groups and events. Linards has a leadership role on the business team for DNAV, Deloitte’s global technology platform for investment fund audits, and serves as a member of the Valuation Committee for One Deloitte Price. Linards is a member of the AICPA and the Illinois CPA Society.

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