In addition to the ILPA Board Executive Committee, the ILPA Board has several committees governing its numerous initiatives:

Audit & Finance Committee

  • The Audit & Finance committee oversees ILPA’s financial practices and ensures the proper reporting, accounting systems, and internal controls are in place. The committee also responsible for establishing the processes to identify, evaluate and manage ILPA’s principal risks impacting financial reporting.

Governance Committee

  • The Governance committee assists the board with corporate governance practices that address transparency, independence, accountability, and management oversight.  The committee also has responsibility for vetting and recommending new and re-standing board directors.

Content Committee

  • The Content Committee serves to advise and guide ILPA’s strategic content agenda, which reflects the highest priority challenges and opportunities facing our Members and features in every aspect of our engagement with Members.

Industry Affairs & Standards Committee

  • The Industry Affairs & Standards committee is responsible for developing the long-term strategic platform for ILPA’s advocacy efforts and initiatives related to  industry best practices.

Membership & Events Committee

  • The Membership & Events committee provides strategic direction on the recruitment, admission, retention and engagement of institutional limited partners on a global basis.