Template Endorsement & Adoption Information

Endorse the Reporting Template

If your organization is interested in being recognized for your commitment to the highest standard in private equity reporting, ILPA Template endorsement is simple and straightforward.

Criteria for endorsement is as follows:

In general, a Template endorsement signals that the endorsing organization:

  • Believes that a single standard for fee disclosures is necessary to efficiently monitor and report private equity fund activity
  • Will make best efforts to adhere to all of the Template Guidelines
  • Will not modify the Template beyond what is prescribed in the Template Guidelines (most notably, Sections VIII, IX, and XIII)
  • Recognizes the challenges faced by GPs and LPs with regards to completing the Template and monitoring fees, respectively, and will make best efforts to collaborate with each other to ensure that the Template is applied in the most effective and efficient way

For Limited Partners, an endorsement also indicates the LP:

  • Is willing to encourage their GPs to complete and adopt the Template
  • Will utilize content yielded by the Template to systematically monitor their portfolio
  • Intends to phase-out use of any other formats they’re using to gather fee data

For General Partners, an endorsement also indicates the GP:

  • Is willing to complete the Template for any LP that requests it
  • Will work towards implementing an automated solution that provides the Template to all of their LPs on a regular basis, as part of their standard reporting package

For Fund of Funds and Investment Advisors and Investment Consultants, an endorsement indicates the organization:

  • Will strive to meet the criteria for both LPs and/or GPs above as it relates to their relationships with investor clients and fund managers, as appropriate

For Service Providers to the PE Industry: (including administrators, data providers, auditors, software providers, consultants and others) an endorsement also indicates the Provider:

  • Will create and maintain processes and systems that further enhance best practice automated solutions for standardized reporting within the industry
  • Encourages their clients (both GPs & LPs) to utilize such systems and processes that incorporate the Template
  • Uses the Template for guidance to enhance systematic portfolio reporting and monitoring with their clients

How to Endorse

  • Once your organization has determined that you qualify to endorse the ILPA Template based on the criteria above, please submit your request to become an Endorsing Organization in writing to the ILPA at [email protected]. This email should include the statement that your organization wishes to endorse the ILPA Reporting Template and authorizes ILPA to include your organization’s names on the list of endorsers in future communications, including the ILPA website.
  • Organizations are encouraged to make their own announcements and promotions regarding their endorsement, which ILPA will amplify, and are asked to work with ILPA Director of Strategic Communications, Megan Goodman at [email protected], to coordinate these efforts.
  • Any questions regarding ILPA Reporting Template Endorsement should be directed to Neal Prunier at [email protected].