Industry GuidanceApproach to Responsible Stewardship

Approach to Responsible Stewardship

ILPA members believe that good stewardship—creating lasting value by building businesses that perform more productively by virtue of their investment—is critical to the success of their portfolios. They are joined by a growing number of GPs and other private markets stakeholders who have signaled that stewardship is of increasing importance to their organizations.

ILPA's ESG and DEI Guidance

At ILPA, our stewardship work focuses on environmental, social and governance issues as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. ILPA firmly believes that progress on ESG and on DEI will require the cooperation of all industry participants, and we have intentionally taken an inclusive approach to our stewardship activities engaging both the GP and service provider community alongside our members.

ILPA has taken a comprehensive approach to drive progress on industry stewardship by:

  1.  Publishing resources and research and providing education to help industry stakeholders at every stage of their journey on ESG and DEI
  2.  Building coalitions of industry leaders on ESG and DEI to help identify and lead on best practices
  3.  Pursuing policy and regulatory change that drives standardization globally

To learn more about our DEI workstream (including the Diversity in Action Initiative) reach out to [email protected]. Questions and feedback on our ESG work should be directed to [email protected].

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Environmental, Social and Governance

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