Model Non-Disclosure Agreement

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ILPA’s Model Non-Disclosure Agreement is intended to serve the private equity industry by providing a standard document for agreements between limited partners (LPs) and general partners (GPs), benefiting both parties by helping to reduce legal costs and to save time.

The Model NDA was developed with the assistance of an ILPA working group comprised of counsel representing LPs, outsourced CIOs and one GP organization. We would like to thank them for their contribution to this project.

For more information about the Model NDA, please contact [email protected].

Model NDA Working Group Members

  • Ed Klees, Hirschler Fleischer (Working Group Chair)
  • Herbie Bohnet, University of Pennsylvania Office of Investments
  • David Dayan, California Institute of Technology
  • Ken Grossfield, Strategic Investment Group
  • Alex Harisiadis, Maryland State Retirement Agency
  • Tina Leiter, Mangham Associates, Inc.
  • Rob McGrail, Duke Management Company
  • Dave McPherson, L Catterton
  • Sherri Rossoff, Rock Creek Group
  • John Winn, University of Virginia Investment Management Company