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ILPA Membership Fees

ILPA membership is effective annually for a 12-month term. Each organization’s membership is valid for all internal professional staff dedicated to investment-related activities; more detail is available in the ILPA Membership Guidelines.

As of June 1, 2023, ILPA’s membership fees will change to support ILPA’s exciting growth and the increasing value we provide our members. The new tiers are based on Total AUM as is industry standard, a change from our previous method of relying on PE AUM. Existing members will see the new amount reflected in their next renewal notice.

If you have questions about the pricing structure or your renewal notice, please reach out to [email protected].

ILPA Membership Fee Structure


Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions you might have.

Our organization has grown as much at 10% each year over the last five years. We’re offering more resources, expertise and programming than ever before in our 20 year history, yet we haven’t raised prices since 2017. The new fee structure supports the increased value that we provide our members including more resources, guidance, best practices, virtual and in-person events, webcasts and roundtables than ever before, and the costs associated with delivering that value to our growing network of member LPs.

The average membership fee is increasing by an average of $1,800 USD.  The new fee is based on your organization’s Total AUM, as is industry standard. If you’re not sure where your organization lands in the tiering structure (pictured above), please reach out to [email protected] and we can assist you.

The change is effective June 1st, 2023. You will pay the increased membership fee when your membership is up for renewal. For example, if your renewal occurs in August, you will receive your invoice with the new membership pricing reflected at that time.

The fee change in 2023 was our first increase for members in six years. In the future, members can expect modest but recurring increases that keep pace with inflation and provide for a resilient future for ILPA. We will communicate with plenty of notice the new pricing schedule once available.

Total AUM is industry standard, and it is what a large group of our members already use for reporting.

You do not need to act at this time. When your membership is up for renewal, we will provide you the new fee on your invoice.

That’s what we’re here for! We’d love to make sure your team is getting the most out of its ILPA membership. Please reach out to [email protected] so we can:

  • Give you the full rundown of your benefits
  • Walk you through our resources, guidance and best practices
  • Help you determine where to send your team for ILPA Events and executive education around the world in the months ahead
  • Preview coming content releases and how you can have a seat at the table on our advocacy efforts.