New Year, New You: Meet Your Goals with the ILPA Institute

Welcome to 2023! This is your year to accomplish all your personal and professional goals and the ILPA Institute is here to help! With our most global calendar of executive education programming to date there are plenty of opportunities for you to join one of our classrooms, learn from our world-class faculty and (re)connect with your LP peers.

Goal #1: Travel the World

In-Person Programming Across the Globe
The ILPA Institute in-person classes are the most opportune way for you to learn and connect. Classes will be held in Abu Dhabi, Austin, Chicago, Copenhagen, London, Melbourne, Santiago, San Francisco, Singapore and Toronto.

First Stops of the Year:

Limited spaces are available, so register your seat as soon as possible!

Goal #2: Exercise (my brain) More

Virtual Programming
To ensure every ILPA member has access to professional development, regardless of their travel budget, the ILPA Institute has added a series of virtual classes to the 2023 calendar. These classes have the same great faculty-led content with the opportunity to network with other LPs, but from the comfort of your own home/office. Each class from the comprehensive series of programming will be offered once virtually this year and our very special communications class, Communicating with Influence for the Limited Partner, will be offered virtually in January and October.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning
Don’t forget about the ILPA Institute Online – asynchronous classes designed to fit your busy schedule. Register for the private equity or ESG suites of classes. Bulk order discounts are also available!

Goal #3: Expand My Network

Connect with fellow LPs
One of the most valuable takeaways from any ILPA Institute program is the opportunity to expand your network. All ILPA Institute programs integrate interactive case studies into the curriculum which engages participants and allows you to work alongside other LPs. Planned offsite dinners and ILPA Member Gatherings during program weeks allow these great connections to continue outside of the classroom. Plus, we love seeing ILPA Institute alumni stay connected at our conferences and summits and through LinkedIn!

Goal #4: Optimize my ROI

Be a better, more savvy investor

  • Ninety-three percent of 2022 participants noted that learning experiences through ILPA were a worthwhile investment of their time
  • Eighty-one percent of 2022 participants stated that the training significantly increased the quality of their work

ILPA looks forward to helping you complete your New Year’s resolutions this year and are excited to see you in one of our many classrooms!

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