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ILPA Statement on Coronavirus with Regard to Planned Events:

ILPA is actively monitoring developments related to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its potential impact on travel to upcoming ILPA events and education sessions. Any changes to operating status will be communicated immediately to all registered attendees. Click here for the latest information from ILPA or contact for more information. The health, safety and well-being of ILPA members and our wider community is our highest priority.

About the ILPA Institute

Since its inception, ILPA has regarded education and professional development for private equity professionals as a top priority for its members. The ILPA Institute provides a structured, comprehensive executive program, exclusively designed from the perspective of the limited partner. This world-class platform provides a unique development experience, set in an environment that emphasizes peer learning and practical applications of course materials.

Our courses feature interactive, collaborative formats that truly differentiate the ILPA Institute from all others. Thousands of individuals and organizations have benefited and will continue to enjoy our:

  • LP-focus, with sensitivity to the diverse roles and investment approaches by participants
  • Practical approach, with immediate and actionable application to all who engage with us
  • Curriculum informed by current trends, with the most up-to-date concepts and practices
  • Unparalleled relationship building opportunities
  • Renowned and experienced faculty

Who Qualifies?

The ILPA Institute is open to qualified limited partners. ILPA Membership entitles professionals to discounted course fees, but is not required to attend. If you are not an ILPA member and wish to get more information about course registration, please contact our membership team at

We look forward to seeing you in one of our classrooms!

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Level I:

ILPA offers two distinct learning opportunities for professionals who are seeking a foundational experience in private equity.

This introductory course is designed for institutional investors who are new to the private equity industry or who wish to gain a broader understanding of the asset class. This program is offered twice yearly in a central location in collaboration with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Limited Partners from around the globe come together and learn from world class faculty and leading practitioners over the course of three days. It is ideal for professionals seeking an academic approach amongst peers from a geographically diverse set of organizations.

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This ILPA-produced course brings our proprietary overview of private equity investing to select cities around the world, delivering our best-in-class experience to more professionals in more places. This course is led by experienced industry practitioners in a regional location over two full days to maximize learning closer to where our LP professionals live and work. The program features a balanced agenda of instruction and experiential learning that both establishes and advances the private equity knowledge and skill of any LP professional. It is an excellent option for professionals seeking an introductory level course without the travel requirement.

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Level II:

Our Level II courses offer more advanced limited partner-focused curriculum and are designed to address subject matters that are best suited for experienced private equity professionals.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of limited partnership agreements and other documents that govern and/or affect private equity limited partnerships and the interconnected nature of these documents. Further, participants will be able to identify the more salient terms of these documents and use lessons and exercises to negotiate terms that are practical, inclusive of best practices, and are more comprehensive in nature.

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Participants will examine strategic considerations and techniques used to design and manage private equity investment programs. In addition, the course will provide a comprehensive understanding of portfolio level deliberations as well as the core skills and methods that provide a programmatic approach to portfolio design, program execution, and risk management.

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Participants will use the case study method to discuss various tools and techniques for executing limited partner roles and responsibilities. Significant attention will be given to pre- and post-investment fund/manager diligence, active portfolio management, and secondary and co-investment opportunities.

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Participants will engage in a number of case studies to explore practical and credible areas of concern across the spectrum of general partner operations and team management. Participants will get an inside look at general partner and management company governance models and review practices that relate to these entities, their members (compensation, ownership, authority, operations, etc.) and the investment vehicles that they manage (managing conflicts of interest, and other considerations).

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Participants will explore and assess the different strategies and tools used by general partners to create value from sourcing through to exit. The course will challenge the merits of the resources and skills sets general partners employ to create the most value for a variety of strategies that may include mega buyout, mid-market buyout, growth equity, venture and distressed strategies.

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Specialist Series:

The ILPA Institute Specialist Series brings into sharp focus subject matters that complement our Private Equity investing curriculum by further developing the breadth of knowledge and perspective of our limited partner professionals.

Participants will learn the general framework and tools to understand the key drivers to assess a secondary opportunity from the varying perspectives of the buyer, seller and general partner. Participants will be exposed to all the major quantitative and qualitative considerations with an interactive case study that will further their understanding of function and execution that can be applied outside the course.

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Participants will obtain a comprehensive overview of private credit investing, from defining the asset class to manager selection and portfolio construction and risk monitoring

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From designing your own ODD process and determining what risk areas to concentrate on to understanding how to analyze the results of your diligence work, this course is essential for any LP who is seeking to better protect themselves from potentially devastating risks. This includes the use of legal protections and the steps needed to continually monitor risk throughout the life of the fund.

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Designed specifically for organizations seeking to advance their private equity teams and affiliated professionals through a singular development experience, the ILPA Onsite Edition offers the opportunity to bring ILPA instructors to your location to deliver the Institute within the context of the member institution. Ideal for organizations with a critical mass of professionals in one location, the Onsite Edition offers the unique chance to explore organizational strategy, challenges and team dynamics guided by the Institute content and ILPA instructor’s expertise. Organizations choosing to bring the Institute onsite can expect improvement not only in private equity knowledge and skill, but also team understanding and effectiveness in the collective pursuit of superior investment returns.

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