What’s Next for our Quarterly Reporting Standards Initiative

Now that we have had a bit of time to regroup following the U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals’ decision to vacate the SEC’s Private Fund Advisers rules, our cross-industry Quarterly Reporting Standards Initiative (QRSI) effort will resume.

As we’ve communicated with QRSI participants, ILPA Member LPs and the broader industry, our work together to develop the next evolution of ILPA reporting standards together will continue despite the ruling, and is now even more critical.

If you were not aware, we temporarily paused the comment period on our previously released draft ILPA Reporting Template and ILPA Performance and Cash Flows Template in light of the PFA ruling. In the days ahead, we will reorient the timing for and scope of the new templates in anticipation of relaunching them for public comment later this summer.

Get Involved in the Next Phase of the Initiative

If you are still not signed up to get involved in this effort and would like to, now is the time. You can sign up to participate in one of our QRSI Satellite Groups on the website; an ILPA team member will follow up with details about joining our next Satellite Group meeting.

MORE: About the Quarterly Reporting Standards Initiative

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