ILPA Podcast – Voices of Private Equity

Voices of Private Equity is a bi-weekly podcast series featuring the leading voices from across the private equity industry in candid, personal conversation about the industry itself and their experience within it.

Listeners will be given a unique view into the insights, strategies and thoughts of leaders in this space. You’ll want to keep tuning in to hear first-hand how the people who make high stakes decisions go about sorting through the challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards while market and political dynamics swirl around them.


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In this episode:

Tanya Carmichael, Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan’s Managing Director of Global Funds and former ILPA chair discusses how she found her way into the private equity world and who helped her get there.

As environmental, social and governance factors continue to gain prominence within the industry, Tanya discusses how she came about to understand the importance of ESG, and how she worked to implement ESG into the OTTP investment process.

Within the context of today’s environment, Tanya challenges the PE industry to continue to press further on ESG and lays out concrete steps that both LPs and GPs can take to demonstrate their commitment.

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In this episode:

Teacher Retirement System of Texas’ Managing Director of Private Equity, and current ILPA chair Neil Randall discusses why private equity has and can continue to deliver outsized returns for beneficiaries.

In a fast-changing world, it is important for the private equity industry to continue to adapt and drive value creation. Neil highlights some of the ways that GPs can continue to innovate, and ways that LPs can help drive that innovation. At Texas TRS, Neil and his team are committed to the ‘Texas Way’ and are constantly looking for new ways to deliver better returns, drive alignment, and engage the industry.

Lastly, Neil gives his recommendations for someone visiting Austin for the first time and speaks about what he would love to do if he weren’t working as an LP.

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