How Can LPs Successfully Modernize?

In a unique episode, Jen is joined by Ken Akoundi, Founder of Cordatius LLC; Mark Steed CIO at the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System; and Antonio Rodriguez, Director of Investment Strategy for the New York City Board of Education Retirement Systems for a discussion on the stages and benefits of integrating new technology.

Ken is a private markets technology expert who has advised hundreds of investors on selecting and integrating technology; his experience has led him to a definitive conclusion – the technology investment is unequivocally worth it. And surprisingly, it often costs less than LPs expect.

Having recently completed technology modernization, Mark shares his perspective on obstacles that larger, established teams may face, while Antonio lends the unique perspective of a newer investment program that is starting from scratch. The group discusses the most common obstacles to securing the technology spend and to integrating upgraded systems as well as the resounding efficiency improvements that result once the project is complete.
Finally, as they say ‘hindsight is 20/20;’ Mark and Antonio share what they wish they had known before they started their technology modernization exercise.