ILPA ESG Assessment Framework

ILPA ESG Assessment Framework

ILPA released this ESG Assessment Framework as a resource for limited partners looking to build a tool to evaluate and understand the various stages of ESG integration that peers are observing among general partners in the market today. It is designed to help LPs evaluate and benchmark GP responses to due diligence efforts, inform goal-setting conversations with GPs and measure ESG integration progress over time.

The Framework categorizes activities and processes across four buckets: Not Present, Developing, Intermediate, and Advanced. As ESG conversations continue to evolve, many best practices are still being developed. We expect LPs will adapt this Framework as appropriate. This Framework is meant to be representative but not exhaustive and should not be considered a comprehensive guide to best practice in the market. The Framework and FAQ document will be updated on a periodic basis as practices evolve and to address feedback and questions received. We invite all participants in the PE community to send any feedback or questions to [email protected].

Read frequently asked questions about how to use and get the most out of the Framework.

This printable version, including a worksheet, can be used to share the Framework and take notes with your team.

Use the Excel version of the Framework to work within the document and take notes on your desktop/laptop.