Diversity Metrics Template

The ILPA DDQ and Diversity Metrics Template are intended to standardize the key areas of inquiry posed by investors during their diligence of managers and to provide a framework for ongoing monitoring of progress related to DEI. To meaningfully update the ILPA DDQ and Diversity Metrics Template to reflect private markets today and to help the industry take a step forward in diligence, ILPA updated both documents throughout 2021. The final revised documents benefit from input that ILPA sourced from a public comment period, discussions with LPs, GPs and other industry bodies and targeted working groups and roundtables.

Added in 2023, the DEI Monitoring Questionnaire, modeled in alignment with ILPA’s Due Diligence Questionnaire, is meant to guide the efforts of investors looking to foster more regular touchpoints with managers to better understand their DEI trajectory over time by providing a standardized template.