2017 PAGE 10 MEMBERSHIP In 2017, we enjoyed another year of unprecedented growth with a record number of new ILPA members,bringing our total number of member organizations to nearly 450. Within the last five years, our membership numbers have increased by 50%. Diversity of our member type also strengthened in 2017; well over one-third of our new members represented endowments, foundations and family offices. Not only did we grow in size and diversity, but ILPA continued to expand geographically with nearly 60% of new members coming from outside the United States. ILPA now has members in 48 countries including Russia, China, and Israel which were newly added this year. We expect this global growth to continue in the coming year as we aim to meet our members where they are by hosting local events and offering online opportunities to connect to one another around the world. Our membership now includes more than 4000 active professionals, a 25+% growth over last year. This increase was driven, in part, by strategic changes in our membership structure in 2016 when we ensured that each organization could offer ILPA’s platform and resources to its entire team. As a result, ILPA now supports individuals deeper into our member organizations, serving members in more diverse roles in the front and back offices and beyond. Our extremely low 3% attrition rate is a testament to the value ILPA members receive from our organization. Member engagement continued to be a high priority in 2017. We are pleased to share that we had record attendance across ILPA events, webcasts, and Institute offerings – more members engaging in more ways. One of our most meaningful initiatives during the year was the successful implementation of a Salesforce technology platform that allows us to track engagement and interactions with all of our stakeholders, and better anticipate member needs. We continue to place a strong emphasis on member communications, ensuring that ILPA hap- penings and developments are conveyed in a timely and efficient manner. ILPA members can now get our news in a variety of ways including our website, Twitter, LinkedIn and exclu- sive direct email blasts, where recipients can select the type and frequency of news they receive from us. Last year also brought more complimentary and discounted industry product offerings to our mem- bers, including tools to better manage investment portfolio and back office operations, several of which are offered exclusively to ILPA. Many of our members took advantage of these opportunities, which will only expand in 2018. Other members-only resources such as our Members’ Edge direc- tory and Job Postings site continue to add value to individuals who are seeking professional growth and connectivity. 2017