2017 PAGE 2 MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR The year 2017 was one of record growth and steadfast commitment at ILPA. Our mission to engage, empower and connect limited partners to maximize their performance on an individual,institutional and collective basis was brought to life across our organization in an exemplary manner.The ILPA staff, committees and Board set our sights on aspiring goals to better serve our ever-expanding membership and together we embarked on a collective strategy to succeed.And succeed we did. One needs to look no further than our rising membership to understand the value proposition of today’s ILPA. Limited partners from around the globe, across multiple types of organizations, and comprising professionals serving all roles are joining ILPA so that they can benefit from our thought leadership,educational programs,signature events and advocacy efforts.In terms of numbers,we have enjoyed three consecutive years of record member growth with particular momentum in Europe as well as with limited partners outside our core public pension fund category. As you will read in this year’s Annual Report, ILPA delivered to these members in many unique and meaningful ways: • ILPA‘s longstanding flagship events enjoyed record attendance as we added two new opportunities for members: Our first annual European Forum held in February and CIO Symposium hosted in May. The success of these larger events coincides with increased engagement at our more intimate Global Events, demonstrating the ongoing demand to connect with one another in an LP-only setting. • Our advocacy efforts were well received in the United States and Europe where we engaged policy makers on issues critical to the health of global private equity. Within our industry, ILPA worked diligently on maintaining an alignment of interests with our GP counterparts globally with the promotion of guidance, models and standards that keep pace with a rapidly evolving marketplace.