2017 PAGE 14 MAJOR EVENTS In 2017, we launched the ILPA European Forum which now serves as the largest LP-only gathering in Europe. Now added to our roster of annual flagship events, the European Forum brought many first-time attendees together to share best practices and experiences under the ILPA umbrella.We anticipate increased attendance in 2018 when we return to London for this important program. Our Members’ Conference this year in Boston also set an attendance record with more than 270 members joining us for keynotes, workshops and the return of roundtable discussions to promote experience sharing amongst attendees. These impressive numbers translate into the largest annual LP-only gathering in the world and we intend to leverage this audience in 2018 as we move to our new home for the Members’ Conference at Swissotel in Chicago. Another first for 2017 was our CIO Symposium which welcomed Chief Investment Officers for a dinner and day-long event on the Harvard campus immediately prior to our Members’ Conference. The event offered a unique opportunity for the most senior investment professionals, who are rarely assembled together, to hear from one another regarding private equity strategies and perspectives. We are planning to gather this distinguished cadre of thought leaders again in 2018 in Chicago. GLOBAL EVENT SERIES ILPA increased its pace and breadth of smaller, more intimate Global Events in 2017, hosting members in 40 events in 30 cities around the world,with one third of the locations new for this year. Approximately 900 attendees enjoyed one or more event with us in 2017.During the year,we piloted specialized events for specific types of limited partners, such as family offices as well as “community events” which focus on local members taking the lead, with ILPA support, on gatherings in their regions.We intend to further explore these expanded opportunities in 2018. EVENTS 2017