PAGE 21 ILPA RESEARCH COMMITTEE CHAIR Neil Randall Senior Director, Teacher Retirement System of Texas Building on progress made in the prior year, we continued to make third party research products more affordable for members by negotiating ILPA discounts for eFront, eVestment, and CEPRES, plus the free PERACS Calculator and CEPRES PE.Analyzer tools. The coming year will turn our efforts to refreshing two of our most well-known private equity standards.Members can expect an updated Due Diligence Questionnaire,including questions relevant to specific fund strategies (e.g., Private Credit), plus enhanced operational due diligence questions. They can also expect a new addition to our Quarterly Reporting Standards. The forthcoming Portfolio Company Template will standardize how GPs report the metrics of individual investments, including valuation, earnings, revenue, and debt.As always, we will be responsive to our membership regarding the research and benchmarking initiatives that best meet their needs.