2017 PAGE 20 RESEARCH AND BENCHMARKING The Research & Benchmarking Committee enjoyed a successful 2017, focusing on sharing limited partner best practices, distributing best-in-class data, and building vendor relationships that provide ILPA members with a larger and more diverse toolkit to support their research needs. Our best practices work centered on the publication of two white papers, which offered recommendations and guidance for LP decision making.In the summer,we released a comprehensive guide to Policy Benchmark Selection.This two-volume report helps LPs select the index and risk premium that can best measure the success of their private equity program. More recently, we issued a report showing the benefits of using Fund Term Sensitivity analysis to support an LP’s term negotiation strategy and other important commitment decisions. Both papers, which are available exclusively to members, were well-received with each paper being downloaded hundreds of times. One new initiative, plus the expansion of two existing research products, highlighted our efforts to provide members with relevant,actionable data.Our new ILPA Market Brief,produced in cooperation with Bloomberg, was first released in September.The Market Brief represents a collection of private equity and capital market trends,including IPO,M&A,and fundraising activity.Members can leverage these free reports, which are available on our website, to research market trends, support internal memos, and monitor their portfolios. Additionally, the ILPA Private Markets Benchmark, made available through our partnership with Cambridge Associates,grew to nearly 3,800 funds.Users were able to access a new benchmark report, focusing on Private Credit investments, which was added in the Fall. Lastly, our annual LP Compensation Survey, buoyed by nearly 400 responses, explored annual salary increases, bonus payout rates, and bonus calculation methodologies.This analysis was supplemented by 50 pages of league tables, showing compensation across job titles, education, and several organizational characteristics. 2017