2017 PAGE 6 MESSAGE FROM THE INTERIM CEO In 2017, I was honored and privileged to serve as ILPA’s Interim Chief Executive Officer as the organization went through its leadership transition in the second half of the year. As many know, I have had the opportunity to engage with ILPA in a number of ways over the years – as a Committee Member, and Board Director. And throughout it all, our shared goal of contributing to a stronger private equity industry has always prevailed. I entered my Interim CEO role with a strong passion for the work that ILPA completes on behalf of global limited partners. My time spent with the leadership team and staff has only strengthened my admiration for the organization and deepened my commitment to its ideals. Despite the transition, ILPA moved steadfastly forward in achieving its goals during the year. Here at ILPA we are never ones to rest on our laurels.We are constantly evolving and engaging in new ways to serve our members.That translates into a number of initiatives that were successfully completed in 2017 – and an eye on new endeavors in 2018.As you will read, during the year, we: • Achieved record growth in membership coupled with improved diversity (geography and LP- type) and outstanding retention rates • Implemented our Salesforce platform providing the foundation for improved analysis and engage- ment with ILPA members and the broader private equity ecosystem • Expanded our ILPA Institute course offerings and began the exploration of a strategic growth strategy for the future of ILPA education • Launched new events including the European Forum and CIO Symposium 2017